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The OCEANERA-NET COFUND project is currently running a second Joint Call for project proposals. The call opened on the 8 January 2019 and has two stages. The deadline for the first stage, the Expressions of Interest (EoI), is 1 March 2019. Deadline for full Proposal is 5 April 2019. €6.82M in funding is available to applicants in the eligible regions or countries through the Joint Call, of which €1.49M is available to Irish applicants.


OCEANERA-NET COFUND is an initiative involving the Basque Country, Brittany, Ireland, Pays de la Loire, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Sweden. It is a five-year project, operating from 2017 to 2021, supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation. The aim of the project is to coordinate support for research, development and demonstration in ocean energy and to encourage collaborative projects that tackle key challenges identified for the sector. The Joint Calls are designed to connect project developers with innovative supply chain companies and research organisations so they can work together to develop new solutions to bring the ocean energy sector to the commercial deployment stage.

Application Process

The first stage of the Joint Call application process, the Expressions of Interest, will be used by the national funding organisations to check eligibility of projects and their alignment with national/regional priorities. EoIs may be submitted up to 1 March and the National Funding Organisation (SEAI) will provide feedback to applicants on their eligibility within 2 weeks of receipt. If you submit an EoI and have received positive feedback by email, you should proceed to work up your full Proposal and do not need to wait until the EoI is formally approved on the Electronic Submission and Evaluation System.

The documents relating to the Joint Call are available to download from the OCEANERA-NET COFUND Joint Call webpage. Please read the Call Announcement and Guide for Applicants carefully to understand eligibility and application requirements. Expressions of Interest and Proposals must be based on the templates provided.

Information on the eligible costs and percentage funding levels available to Irish applicants through the call can be found in the SEAI Budget Policy.

Additionally, an Ocean Energy Era-Net Networking Platform has been created to help applicants develop project proposals for the call by providing online an tool to post project ideas, company profiles, to seek partners and set up meetings.

Eligible Countries and Regions

Project proposals must be transnational, with a minimum of two independent partners from two different countries or regions. To be eligible for funding support through the Joint Call partners must be located in the following countries or regions:

  • Flanders (Belgium)
  • Ireland
  • Pays de la Loire (France)
  • Portugal
  • Scotland
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Call Topics

The call topics to be addressed by proposed projects are as follows:

  • Ocean energy devices
  • Components and sub-systems
  • Grid connection and power systems
  • Materials and structures
  • Installation, operations and maintenance
  • Resource and impact assessment

Further Information

Further information on the Joint Call, and news on upcoming informational events, is available on the OCEANERA-NET COFUND website.

Irish applicants with queries on the Joint Call can contact their National Funding Organisation, SEAI, at the following addresses: Darren.Coppinger@seai.ie or oceanenergy@seai.ie.

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