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Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (Vimeo)


The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland plans to develop a National Wave energy Test Site, which is proposed to be located off Annagh Head, west of Belmullet in County Mayo.

The Purpose ofthe wave energy test site iat belmullet is to provide a location for the temporary mooring and deployment of wave energy machines so that their performance in generating electricity and their survivability can be tested and demonstrated in open ocean conditions. It is proposed for the site to operate for up to 20 years with devices on site intermittently throughout the year.

Owner: Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland

Galway Bay Power and Data Cabled Marine Test Site Simulation (YouTube)


A simulation of the wave energy test site off Spiddal in Galway Bay, Ireland.

Owner: Smart Bay Ireland

Floating Oscillating Wave Device in National Ocean Test Facility wave basin (YouTube)


Floating Oscillating Wave Device in National Ocean Test Facility wave basin.

Owner: HMRC

Dublin Bay Digital Diamond at SmartOcean Forum 2013 (YouTube)


Director of Operations and Navigation, Commissioners of Irish Lights presents details on the technical and data infrastructure at Commissioners of Irish Lights including the Dublin Bay Digital Diamond testbed infrastructure for e-Navigation and e-Communication of data in the coastal environment.

Owner: justmultimedia

SeaPower Platform at QUB Portaferry Wave Basin (ii) (YouTube)

Description: Scale=1x Monochromatic Damping On Location: Northern Ireland

Owner: SeaPowerPlatform

Hydro power - Converting tidal power into electricity (YouTube)

Description: Available versions: Deutsch English The SeaGen tidal current power plant in Portaferry, Northern Ireland, is the first pre-commercial test facility of its kind in the world, generating enough electricity to supply 1,500 households. A film by Alexander Linke

Owner: Siemens

A resonant open Oscllating Water Column in HMRC wave flume (YouTube)

Description: A resonant open Oscillating Water Column in HMRC wave flume.

Owner: HMRC

IBM Client Reference Video on Smart Ocean technologies in Galway Bay (YouTube)


IBM provides softwares and services to the Irish Marine Institute to monitor Ireland's marine environment and make long term economic improvements.

Owner: IBM

Atlantic Marine Energy Test animation (Vimeo)


Animation of the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland full scale wave energy test known as the Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site describing the technical specification and project plan for the site.

Owner: Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland

Wave Energy Device motion in water (Vimeo)


Silent video animation of wave energy convertor device motion in waves.

Owner: Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland

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