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The testing at HMRC of the Benson device.

Period: 2012 to 2012

Organisations: Benson Engineering, HMRC


Abstract: A network of research centres and organisations that are working together to accelerate the development of marine renewable energy technologies - wave, tidal & offshore-wind.

Period: 2011 to 2015

Organisations: HMRC, SEAI

Mooring Tethers


One of the main engineering challenges for floating marine renewable energy devices is the design of reliable, yet cost-effective mooring solutions for the harsh and dynamic marine environment. The mooring system must be able to withstand the ultimate limit state during storm conditions as well as the fatigue limit state due to the highly cyclic wave induced motions.

Period: 2013 to 2014

Organisations: SmartBay Ireland, Technology from Ideas

Belmullet Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site


Developing ocean energy in Ireland via full scale Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site

Period: 2011 to 2026

Organisations: Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland, Marine Institute



SmartBay Ireland as part of a European Research Consortium will trial and validate a new sensor for detecting biohazards and man-made chemicals. MariaBox is a four year project which is funded under the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme.

Period: 2014 to 2017

Organisations: SmartBay Ireland

MARINA Platform


Research in the MARINA Platform project will establish a set of equitable and transparent criteria for the evaluation of multi-purpose platforms for marine renewable energy (MRE).  

Period: 2010

Organisations: HMRC

JOSPA - The Power of the Waves


Irish Tube Compressor testing at HMRC.

Real-time Remote Monitoring of Surface Currents and Waves off the Irish West Coast


The primary objective of this project is to commission and operate a radar system off the Irish west coast to remotely sense surface currents and waves. When the second radar is operating it will combine with our existing radar to provide detailed oceanographic data for the west coast and Galway Bay.

Period: 2013 to 2015

Organisations: SmartBay Ireland, NUI Galway

Limerick Wave


Limerick Wave Ltd have developed a mechanical power take off (PTO) mechanism that converts the motion of the waves to electrical power.  Device testing at HMRC.

Organisations: Limerick Wave, HMRC

Seapower Ltd.


HMRC involved in testing Seapower device.

Organisations: Seapower Ltd., HMRC

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