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RV Geo

RV Geo  image

Geological Survey Ireland's RV Geo seabed mapping research vessel for inshore areas.

Ireland's National Seabed Mapping Project: INSS and INFOMAR

Ireland's National Seabed Mapping Project: INSS and INFOMAR image

INFOMAR is the national programme to survey Ireland's seabed.  Products include a series of bathymetric and seabed substrate charts for coastal and offshore waters and these data, along with raw multibeam data, sample data and GIS data, are freely available to view and download.


Vibrocore image

Core samples penetrate through the seabed and retain the vertical structure of the sediment. It can recover cores of 3 or 6 metres depending on the sediment type, with best penetration in fine grained sediments


Day Grab

Day Grab image

The grab sampler is the most popular method of ground truthing used by the INFOMAR project. Grab samples are used to provide a cross reference to the seabed type classifications that are made from the MBES backscatter datasets.


Magnetics image

Magnetic and Gravity field data are acquired during surveys.


Sub-bottom data

Sub-bottom data image

Sparker and pinger sub-bottom profile datasets are acquired during survey activity and are delivered in various formats.

Habitat Map

Habitat Map image

 Collated habitat map for the Irish Designated Continental Shelf