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Smart Grid Ireland (YouTube)

Description: Animation for Smart Grid Ireland explaining what Smart Grid is and why it is important to get buy in from government, the energy regulator and consumers.

Owner: Slater Design

Industrial Surge Protection (YouTube)

Description: This video demonstrates some simple steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate the effects of voltage surges for Industrial customers.

Owner: ESB Networks

Grid25 (YouTube)


EirGrid25 animation and description communication video.

Owner: EirGrid

Customer Service (YouTube)

Description: Welcome to our YouTube site. ESB Networks has delivered service to the Irish nation for 86 years and has continued to provide a safe, reliable service to its people and industries through many of Ireland's challenges. We want to give you the best customer experience we can. We hope you find these videos useful and we will continue to add to our collection so keep tuned!

Owner: ESB Networks

EirGrid GridWest (Vimeo)


Description of EirGrid GridWest 21st century electrical high-capacity infrastructure investment.

Owner: EirGrid

EirGrid SmartGrid Strategy for Ireland (Vimeo)


EirGrid SmartGrid strategy for Ireland    

Owner: Warner Corporate Photography/EirGrid

Smart Grids Explained (YouTube)

Description: Smart grids and renewable energy production

Owner: energycoops

David Elzinga on Developing a Common Vision for the Grid of the Future (YouTube)

Description: This seminar constituted the second event in the Energy Seminar Series sponsored by EirGrid. It explored the challenges inherent in updating European energy infrastructure in the period leading to 2020, analysed the benefits of a smart grid for the consumer and considered how the European supergrid will enable the development of a sustainable and secure power supply for Europe. Speakers at this seminar included David Elzinga, Energy Technology Analyst with the International Energy Agency, Ana Aguado, Chief Executive Officer of Friends of the Supergrid and Katriona Polaski, Head of Low Carbon Technologies, SEAI.

Owner: IIEA1

EirGrid Transmission System National Control Centre (Vimeo)


EirGrid Transmission System description.    

Owner: EirGrid

East West Interconnector (Vimeo)


EirGrid East West Interconnector project description and background.

Owner: EirGrid

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